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Missing Associates: Lily Eng and Peter DudarPerformance Art and Experimental Dance (DVD)

Peter Dudar and Lily Eng
self published
12.7 × 12.7 × 0.2 cm
DVD, Performance Art, Dance

DVD (Mac and PC compatible) containing the e-book Missing Associates: Lily Eng and Peter Dudar (PDF, 130 pages) and two Quicktime Videos: Crash Points 3 (6:28), and Solo Improvisation (6:19). Comes in a plastic sleeve with paper cover.

Missing Associates was the performance art partnership formed in the early 1970s by interdisciplinary artist Peter Dudar and dancer/choreographer Lily Eng. Previously, collaborations between visual artists and dancers had been one-off. Eng and Dudar’s ongoing partnership produced a deeper, unique hybrid of conceptual art, experimental dance and multimedia art. Missing Associates were prime movers of the first wave of Toronto performance art and experimental dance in the 1970s, a period of enhanced creativity and social dynamism.

Missing Associates racked up an unprecedented 13 programs at Toronto’s A Space Gallery and another 12 at 15 Dance Lab, while also showing locally in venues such as The Art Gallery of Ontario and the notorious CEAC (Centre for Experimental Art and Communication). They showed coast to coast in North America. And at a time when Europe was split by a physical and cultural “iron curtain”, Missing Associates performed prolifically on both sides of that divide. Ranging from Vancouver in the west to Warsaw in the east (with stops in many cities such as New York, London, Brussels, Vienna, Milan and Zagreb in between) Eng and Dudar established a vital, ongoing presence for Canadian performance art within the international scene.

This stunning publication, Missing Associates: Lily Eng and Peter Dudar, is a photo autobiography of their partnership in 130 beautifully designed pages, documenting their origin in Canada and subsequent progression throughout the Americas and Europe.

The Canadian group Missing Associates, directed by Lily Eng and Peter Dudar, are on the cutting edge of performance art.

~Esperienze a confronto, Il Diario di Napoli, Italia, 1980

  1. Missing Associates: Lily Eng and Peter Dudar

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