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The Final Results of Psychoanalytic Treatment

Mary Lum
self published
Artists' Books
11 × 17.8 cm

Disguised as a pulp book, with its red page edges, rough printing and pages of ads at the back, Mary Lum’s book could be easily misidentified, but opening it one sees (after confirming there’s nothing wrong with one’s eyes) that it is something else entirely. An original text on psychoanalysis has been partly overlayed with selections from comic books, trashy potboiler novels, a hunting manual and some passages unidentifiable because of being in Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Chinese. Vertical strips of one text are arranged beside each other creating new sentances, horizontal strips create new letters. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes disturbing, all of these strategies and dozens more combine to create an intricate meditation on reading and linearity.

  1. The Final Results of Psychoanalytic Treatment

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