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Map of You and Me

Julie Fiala
self published
Artists' Books
12.5 × 21 × 0.4 cm

Originally developed by the artist as a way to objectively quantify interactions with other people during her series of scripted walks in Hyde Park under the title ‘Red Coat Trail’, these two maps (one in black and turquoise and the other in red) describe interpersonal encounters along four scales; Speech, Emotion, Body Contact and Body Language. Physically, this work is designed to resemble a 45×60 road map. Reminiscent of Jeremy Bentham’s Utilitarian Calculus, its funny and a bit unsettling to see things like “fondling”, “melancholy” “banter” or “glowering” given numeric values. Signed and numbered edition of 500.

  1. Map of You and Me

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