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Off The Map

Kasper Andreasen
Motto Books
Artists' Books
21 × 30 × 0.3 cm

In this exhibition, Kasper Andreasen presents drawings and artists’ books that investigate acts of printing, writing, and collecting. At the entrance on Skalitzer Str. 68, an image of a large book spine shows layers of papers accumulated from over a period of two years. In Motto’s courtyard, a landscape of vitrine-decors spans across the rear wall. Upon close examination, these layered decors reveal many different types of ephemera. Displayed in the vitrines are serial repetitions of landscape sketch, fragments of handwriting, maps, drawings, as well as wrappers, receipts, and newspapers articles. The ephemera and traces shown in this publication are part of an ongoing transformation in the artist’s process. This publication accompanies the exhibition “Off the map” at Motto Berlin, which runs from September 18 – October 10, 2013.

The essay by Matthias Weichelt was written especially for this occasion.

Translated by Caroline Rued-Engel.

Printed by New Goff, Ghent

  1. Off The Map

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