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Claudia Wieser
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19 × 25 × 0.5 cm

“This publication appears on the occasion of Claudia Wieser’s exhibition FURNITURE in KIOSK (6 October – 18 November 2012). The title refers directly at issues that lie at the very heart of Wieser’s work: what is the status of sculptures that were designed as objects? The artist’s body of work is built around this question and explores the boundaries between autonomous and applied art. FURNITURE brought together an ensemble of drawings, ceramic and wooden sculptures, and a spatial collage, instigating a dialogue between them and explicitly relating them to the architectural context of the exhibition space.” – Liene Aerts & Wim Waelput

Edited by Wim Waelput and Claudia Wieser

Authors include Liene Aerts, Alexander Garcia Düttmann, Zoë Gray, Wim Waelput

Designed by Boy Vereecken

  1. Furniture

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