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Documents: The $100,000 Gallery of Art

Michael Lee
Artists' Books
15 × 21 × 0.5 cm

This work includes a book & CD. The book compiles text, image and audio materials related to the book art installation entitled ‘The $100,000 Gallery of Art’ by Michael Lee Hong Hwee. The texts feature contributions by the artist and his collaborators: publisher Torrance Goh, architect Dr Ho Kok Hoe, curator Seng Yu Jin and editor Lilian Chee. They also include a letter from art philanthropist Loke Wan Tho to Dr Ho, and is accompanied by key archival material from local newspapers. Images include sketches and photographs of the work-in-progress as well as the completed installation. The CD consists of an interview with Dr Ho. These text, image and audio materials collectively provide the audio-visual contexts to the artwork.

Softcover, perfect bound, b/w illustrations, CD insert, English text.

  1. Documents: The $100,000 Gallery of Art

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