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Featuring an essay by Rebecca Carbin and a series of images by Martin Reis, A PLATFORM TO… captures the transformation of three decommissioned monitoring wells into a place for the public to PLAY, to REWIND, to PAUSE, to RECORD and to share new experiences. During 2017, DeRAIL invited two artists to consider the theme of pause along the West Toronto Railpath – to draw people into an experiment that would inspire new ways of understanding a familiar place beyond its usual functionality.

A PLATFORM TO… documents DeRAIL’s ongoing work to push the definition of public art, to critique and reshape current planning processes, and to identify new opportunities that go beyond the purely functional to create places that better reflect the life, identity and aspirations of a particular place.

Founded in 2015, DeRAIL Platform for Art + Architecture is a non profit, independent arts producer and alternative platform for dialogue and collaboration across disciplinary, geographical, and ideological boundaries. DeRAIL commissions and produces place-specific art projects to foster new conversations about public space design and contemporary city building.

Softcover, perfect-bound, b/w
Numbered edition of 100

  1. derail

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