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And so, the animal looked back....

Alex Wolfson and Bojana Stancic
Art Gallery of York University
Artists' Books
12.7 × 23 × 0.6 cm

Take two theatrical plays, mix liberally with a gallery installation. Add a short story. The end result? The coming apocalypse or the one we just experienced; a theatrical production or a gallery installation? Six of one, half dozen of the other. Considering Wolfson and Stancic’s hybrid theatrical event/exhibition installation in the Fall of 2010, it only makes sense that this exhibition catalogue is itself equally split: a script, a catalogue, and/or an artists’ book. It’s not for us to decide. In any case, texts by Alex Wolfson, Philip Monk, and Emelie Chhangur. Illustrations by Ken Ogawa. Design by Michael Maranda.

  1. And so, the animal looked back....

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