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The Long Now: Public Studio

Public Studio
Art Gallery of York University
18 × 23 cm
176 pp
Canadian, Contemporary Art

The Long Now covers the collaborative art practice of filmmaker Elle Flanders and architect Tamira Sawatzky, collectively known as Public Studio. A wide-ranging interview with the artists by curators Emelie Chhangur and Philip Monk interrogates the frameworks from which their engaged practice emerged. Additional reflections on their work come from essays by TJ Demos, John Greyson, Susan Schuppli, and Jayne Wilkinson.

Public Studio creates large-scale public art works, lensbased works, films, and immersive installations. Grounded in the personal, social, and political implications of landscape, Public Studio’s multidisciplinary practice engages themes of political dissent, war and militarization, and ecology and urbanization. Deeply collaborative and site-responsive, their work forges new understandings of what it means to be an engaged citizen today.

  1. The Long Now: Public Studio

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