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Untitled #2 / KE

Brian Kennon
2nd Cannons Publications
Artists' Books
21.6 × 26.7 cm
80 pp
Art History, Painting

Finding it’s starting point (plus it’s dimensions and page count) within a 2001 Michael Krebber artist’s book / catalogue from Kunstverein Braunschweig, Untitled #2 / KE is a two-part book that together, like much of Kennon’s work, uses looking as a form of production. The first section, Untitled #2, assembles reproductions of artworks and book pages from Martin Creed, Rainer Ganahl, Mike Kelley, Martin Kippenberger, Michael Krebber and Rosemarie Trockel. This “group show” or visual essay ekes out a figure from head to seat while exploring the reciprocal and permeable relationship between artist and audience. Part two, KE, completes this traversal of the figure with a series of eight photographs by Kennon of a spread from the above mentioned Krebber catalogue lying on his studio floor, open to a pair of the painter’s monochrome paintings, K and E.

Softcover, colour.

  1. untitled 2 / ke

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