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Adaptive Actions: Madrid

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14.5 × 21 × 1 cm

While the Adaptive Actions Camp was located in Madrid’s Atocha train station for a month during the

Madrid Abierto 2010 biennial, a publication was in the works. Several individuals simultaneously edited existing and incoming content (locally and via the web) and produced this recently published book, a 148-page publication comprising two sections: one presenting selected adaptive actions, and the second specific to the Madrid Adaptive Actions programming. The publication includes 36 adaptive

actions with images and comments, workshops, an interview with philosopher and theorist Brian

Massumi, and a text by José Luis Corazón Ardura. In Spanish and English.

AA Publications

Each Adaptive Actions project is revisited and extended by a publication. Submitted adaptive actions,

commentaries and texts are gathered together in one book. New ideas for future actions result from

this process.

  1. Adaptive Actions: Madrid

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