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Rock and Roll Meeting

Acid Sweat Lodge
Publication Studio Vancouver
Artists' Books
14 × 22 × 1 cm
Photocopy, Photography, Catalogue

Rock and Roll Meeting is a collection of images from the archives of the Acid Sweat Lodge, originally published to accompany ASL’s exhibition of the same name.

The Acid Sweat Lodge is a research organization founded in 2007 by artists Kevin Romaniuk and Liam Hogan. ASL aims to produce, archive, and curate visual information to further their research into outsider subcultures, occult rituals, rock and roll lineages and stoner mysticism.

ASL is critically acclaimed, with mentions by several leading publications and websites including Harper’s Bazaar, Vice Magazine, Show Class Magazine and 01 Magazine. GQ France named ASL’s blog as one of the internet’s “20 most influential blogs.” Their work has been exhibited, published and distributed in over ten countries, with recent gallery exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, and Toronto. Romaniuk and Hogan have a loyal following of artists, metal heads, wastoids, fashionistas and bikers all of which find common ground in ASL.

  1. Rock and Roll Meeting
  2. Rock and Roll Meeting
  3. Rock and Roll Meeting
  4. Rock and Roll Meeting

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