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Rock Lore: Acts Of Persuasion And Perversion by Allison Collins

Allison Collins
Unit Pitt Society For Art And Critical Awareness
11 × 13.5 × 0.5 cm

A companion volume of sorts to Michael Turner’s Free Concert, this book is a critical essay with reproductions of Turner’s The Rolling Stones Trilogy: An Inadvertent Opera In Three Acts, At Once, a curatorial project presented by UNIT/PITT at Vancouver’s Waldorf Hotel in April 2011. Illustrated with photographs and reproductions of text panels, this critical essay is not only about the recontextualization of three films about the Rolling Stones (Sympathy For The Devil, Gimme Shelter and Cocksucker Blues), but a dissection of the underpinnings of rock and roll heroism.

  1. Rock Lore: Acts Of Persuasion And Perversion by Allison Collins

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