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Heedless Screed's Lucky Numbers

Wesley Mulvin
Perro Verlag Books by Artists
Artists' Books
13.2 × 20.2 cm

For her first chapbook with Perro Verlag, Malena Kirlianova has transcribed the tale of Heedless Screed’s meeting with Gabb, (Gabb of the Raine Flank). Based on two found texts that were themselves based on a text translated from the Hittite, Kirlianova’s reconstruction of the original narrative is both humourous and scholarly. Wesley Mulvin’s primary colour drawings and oversized numbers mirrror the architecture of the text, creating a space for the reader to wander into scenes where Screed and Gabb share haunch loaves the size of hew-holes while listening for a jynx of banstickles.

Edition of 80, signed and numbered.

  1. Heedless Screed’s Lucky Numbers

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