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Tonight No Poetry Will Serve

Alfredo Jaar
Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma
Artists' Books
9.5 × 12 inches
336 pages
Catalogue, Photography

Tonight No Poetry Will Serve is the most comprehensive overview of the installations and photographs of Chilean-born, New York–based artist Alfredo Jaar (born 1956). It includes color reproductions of over 44 works, from 1974 to 2014, including such groundbreaking works as “Lament of the Images,” “The Silence of Nduwayezu” and “The Sound of Silence.” Also covering some of his most celebrated public interventions such as “The Cloud” and “The Skoghall Konsthall” as well as many of his lesser-known but milestone earliest works from Chile, this publication stands as the most encompassing survey yet of Jaar’s cross-disciplinary, cross-border practice. Also included is the Adrienne Rich poem after which the exhibition was titled, “Tonight No Poetry Will Serve,” an important source of inspiration for the artist.

  1. Tonight No Poetry Will Serve

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