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The Last Frontier

Félicia Atkinson and Bartolomé Sanson
Shelter Press
Artists' Books
20 × 26 × 0.5 cm
36 pgs
Risograph, Photography, Sculpture

From the French Alps to New Mexico, passing by Big Sur California, Felicia Atkinson & Bartolomé Sanson have been doing research about the influences of the beat generation on the formations of the contemporary art.
How to be unsettled and in the meantime on site, connected to the landscape, ping-ponging from music to poetry, inside and outside the gallery space and the book form. Blurring the frontier between genres, this book conceived as an on-site exhibition presents found images, sculptures, poetry and painting.

Published at the occasion of “The Last Frontier“
An exhibition by Félicia Atkinson & Bartolomé Sanson
Oslo 10, Basel (CH)
March 8th until May 3rd 2014

Colour risograph, saddle stitched.

  1. The Last Frontier

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