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8.4 × 11 inches
64 pages

he, is a collaboration between Kline’s abstract photographs, Boys’ Shirts and the memory-based text men, by Kegan McFadden, a writer, publisher, curator and artist, based in Manitoba, Canada. Kline’s horizontal striped shirts, especially viewed in black and white, might resonate with the typical optimism portrayed in 1950’s American television shows and advertisements, and he uses this filmic and photographic history to appeal to viewer’s sense of the familiar while also inviting viewers to explore their own memories, and notions of masculinity and its development. Men who have failed McFadden inform his similarly removed and disjointed text. McFadden’s melancholy writing, using only the pronoun “he,” may also be considered an abstract self-portrait. he, is published by Ampersand Editions, an imprint of As We Try and Sleep Press.

  1. he,

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