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You Are of Vital Importance

Sarah Tripp
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Artists' Books
4.5 × 7 in
134 pages
, Fiction

Eloquently presented in this compact hardcover book, Glasgow-based emerging artist/writer Sarah Tripp’s collection of stories examines the proximity and distance between characters, communities and objects. Tripp’s multi-stranded practice consists of writing, performing and filmmaking, all of which she utilizes to explore how our characters and identities evolve. Her writings are marked by the use of multiple perspective, episodic structure and suspended denouement and focus on improvisation and the relationships between gestures and speech, text and object and narrative and film. Influenced by the psychodynamic writings of Adam Phillips and Christopher Bollas, the creative writing of Lydia Davis and the practice of Frances Stark and Apichatpong Weerasethakuls films, Sarah Tripp’s work is grounded in direct experience and observation. Tripp teaches at Glasgow School of Art and was recently commissioned by Creative Scotland to co-produce an installation/performance event for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art

  1. You Are of Vital Importance

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