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To look at the sea is to become what one is: An Etel Adnan Reader

Etel Adnan
Nightboat Books
Artists' Books
16.5 × 4.5 × 23.5 cm
784 pgs
Poetry, Fiction, Literature, Collection

The first retrospective collection of 50 years of writing by our leading Arab-American innovative writer
This landmark two-volume edition follows Adnan’s work from the infernal elegies of the 1960s to the ethereal meditations of her later poems, to form a portrait of an extraordinarily impassioned and prescient life. Ranging between essay, fiction, poetry, memoir, feminist manifesto, and philosophical treatise, while often challenging the conventions of genre, Adnan’s works give voice to the violence and revelation of the last six decades as it has centered, in part, within the geopolitics of the Arab world, and in particular the author’s native Beirut. Among the key works reproduced in their entirety are Sitt Marie Rose (1978); The Arab Apocalypse (1980); Journey to Mount Tamalpais (1986); and Of Cities & Women (1993).

2 softcover volumes, perfect-bound, b&w.

  1. To Look At The Sea

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