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Sarah Sze: Centrifuge

Sarah Sze
Walther Konig
17 × 24 cm
146 pp
Site-specific, Sculpture

Centrifuge is a document of a site-specific installation by New York–based artist Sarah Sze (born 1969) in the Middle Hall of the Haus der Kunst in Munich. The piece commences from a fixed point and dynamically morphs outward into the surrounding space, shifting in scale and density as its various components unravel. Both constructed and off-the-shelf objects and materials—ranging from mirrors, wood, salt, bamboo and stainless steel to archival pigment prints, projectors and ceramics—are arranged into a series of sculptural groupings. On her approach to sculpture, Sze states in an interview with Okwui Enwezor (curator of the show), “a work should be constantly in a state of flux in terms of how it exists in space, how it exists in time; it should be unclear whether it’s in a process of becoming or a process of entropy.”

Softcover, colour.

  1. Sarah Sze Centrifuge

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