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WRITTEN ON THE WIND. Lawrence Weiner Drawings

Lawrence Weiner
Museu D'Art Contemporani De Barcelona
24.5 × 30.5 cm
184 pp
Drawing, Contemporary Art

With clear references to navigation, WRITTEN ON THE WIND presents the work of Lawrence Weiner (New York, 1942), one of the most significant artists of the past fifty years through his drawings, which are probably the least known aspect of his oeuvre. The exhibition, eschewing a chronological narrative, is an exhaustive survey of the works on paper in favour of an intimate look at the interests and obsessions of the artist, and offering a privileged insight into his work and his vision of the world. Weiner created a huge body of work on paper, using a similarly wide range of formats: calligraphy paper, city plans, tobacco wrappers and newspaper pages, amongst other supports. Weiner did not understand drawing in terms of space or draughtsmanship: rather, he associated it with the expression of thought. The catalogue includes a selection of more than 120 drawings, organised into a narrative sequence created by the artist himself in cooperation with the designer Filiep Tacq. The texts by Gregor Stemmrich and Kathryn Chiong and the epilogue by Bartomeu Marí and Soledad Gutiérrez are devoted to analysing different aspects of Weiner’s drawings.

  1. Written on the Wind. Lawrence Weiner Drawings

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