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David Beattie: The Weight of the Sky

David Beattie
Mercer Union
15.9 × 21 cm

Published in conjunction with the artist’s exhibition at Mercer Union, Toronto this catalogue offers numerous reproductions of Beattie’s sculptural works to date. Combining the use of sound, movement and physics to create unlikely alliances, the artist explores notions of elementary physics to illustrate the human desire to comprehend and question what surrounds us. Incorporating an array of found objects and electrical devices, such as electric motors, metal tubes and computer fans, Beattie transforms these elements into unique arrangements and creations. His reapplication of domestic objects and technologies offer a fresh reading of their use and function and allow a reinterpretation of the specific identity and history of these redundant objects.

Introduction by Sarah Robayo Sheridian. Essay by Sherman Sam.

  1. David Beattie: The Weight of the Sky

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