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Public Information: Desire, Disaster, Document

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

This publication accompanies the inaugural exhibition of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. With its impressive roster of some of the most influential late 20th-century artists to have used photographic images in their work (e.g., Robert Frank, Larry Clark, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, and Nan Goldin), the catalog functions as a barometer for a large plot in the current artistic landscape. Insightful essays from six authors addressing how society gets its information and the influence of the advertising media on the art world accompany handsome, albeit selective, reproductions. The book’s scholarly examination of the overall cultural impact of photographically reproduced images, as well as the in-depth dissection of the nature of the medium itself, manages to be cohesive and illuminating without slighting the distinctive contributions of the artists. This truly first-rate production is recommended for contemporary art and photography collections

  1. Public Information: Desire, Disaster, Document

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