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Conveyor Magazine Issue No. 7: Time Travel

Conveyor Editions

Whether it’s the lure of reminiscence, the promise of the future, or scientific fascination, the fantasy of time travel holds universal appeal. The laws of physics suggest that time does not actually flow in any particular direction and therefore we might—someday—travel through time as freely as we travel through space.

This issue of Conveyor Magazine explores time travel by employing the camera as our time machine; a tool that alters our temporal experience and transforms perception of time and space. A photograph eternally suspends a moment, leaving behind a document that we may then return to and investigate again and again. Photographs allow us to reassemble and manipulate the sequence of events. Timelines are thus reconstructed, the past is altered, new histories are created, and the distant future is just a shortcut away.

Featuring projects by Jonathon Keats, Rachel Sussman, Katie Paterson, Susannah Sayler & Ed Morris, Matthew C. Lange, Jeremy August Haik, Burkhard von Harder, Susan Dobson, Jordan Tate, Marlo Pascual, Lori Nix, Simen Johan. The Group Show includes photographs by Sasha Tamarin, James Reeder, Jiaxi Yang, Daniel Terna, Aaron Canipe, Joss McKinley, Jennifer Garza-Cuen, Cassandra Klos, heatherm. o’brien, Tim Soter, Jay Gould, Gregory Vershbow, and Felicia Honkasalo.

This issue was edited by Christina Labey, Dominica Paige, Liz Sales, Jeremy August Haik, and Jason Burstein. Designed by Elana Schlenker. Custom Typeface design by Or Type. Printed and bound at Conveyor Arts.

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