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Complex Order: Institutions in Public Space

Plug In Editions
19.2 × 26.8 cm

“Complex Order” was born of a necessity to build a conversation around the work of spmb [São Paulo-Manitoba], in dialogue with other practitioners, artists, architects, theoreticians, and critics, mapping out the regions of understanding of what they do.

spmb often works in the public realm, “in response” to the circumstances and challenges presented. “Complex Order” generates a public space of sorts, stretching the discussion of public space itself—its poetics and politics, its actions and representations.

Rather than follow the tradition of the monograph, centred in the production of the individual artist, “Complex Order” rethinks the artist’s book, investigating the relationships of spmb’s work within a larger context. “Complex Order” presents a collection of spmb’s own works and texts, alongside projects and writings conceived by other artists and architects, generating a network of relationships around common ideas.


  1. Complex Order: Institutions in Public Space

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