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Wonder and Resonance: Fiction/Non-Fiction

Naomi Potter and Shauna Thompson
Brenda Draney and Andrea Williamson
Raymond Boisjoly, Duane Linklater, Jeff Funnell, Brenda Draney, Jude Norris, Krista Belle Stewart, Wayne Baerwaldt, Quyen Hoang, and Glenn Ligon
Esker Foundation
21.5 × 34 cm
98 pp
Canadian, Contemporary Art

Published on reflection of the exhibition Fiction/Non-fiction (2013), this full-colour catalogue features texts by Brenda Draney and Andrea Williamson, along with transcriptions of a public conversation between Raymond Boisjoly and Duane Linklater; a panel discussion featuring Brenda Draney, Jeff Funnell, Jude Norris, and Krista Belle Stewart; and an interview with Wayne Baerwaldt, Quyen Hoang, and Glenn Ligon.

Softcover, colour.

  1. Wander and Resonance

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