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Young & Giroux

Young and Giroux
Southern Alberta Art Gallery
21 × 25.5 × 1 cm

Daniel Young and Christian Giroux have been making art together for nearly ten years. Their sculpture, public art and film installations are the product of an ongoing conversation concerning mid-century modernity, and the production of space and the built environment. This first in-depth monograph provides a career overview as well as an exploration of the duo’s most emblematic project, Beta Boole – sculptures involving Ikea furniture. The term “Boole” comes from the 3D computer modeling operation of adding and subtracting simple forms to generate more complex ones. These pieces of furniture provide both a recognizable and vernacular set of domestic forms, which perversely realize the Modernist goal of universal design through the machinations of globalization. Brancusi, Gordon Matta-Clark, and the Japanese architectural office SANAA are among their critical influences.

With texts by Kenneth Hayes, Jesse Huisken and Mark Lanctôt

  1. Young & Giroux

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