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at the edge of the night a fairytale ties roses

17.5 × 23 × 0.2 cm

This artist’s book features sculptural work specifically made for the publication, and is accompanied by an essay – The Wonderful and Frightening World of Michael Stumpf – by Ross Birrell. “…(The) works possess an engaging cryptic quality, an aspect of the power of visual art to assert its resemblance to linguistic form. In this case, the throttling ciphers of vine, noose, chain, and rope -as well as dangling urban Pandora’s-boxes—possess a morbid syntax; what Rosalind Krauss might call ‘Sculpture in the Expanded Forest’ for its pungent element of Germanic gothic. Filtered through these dark collisions of nature and culture and a contemporary affinity for day-to-day materials is a persistent yearning for imaginative autonomy … ” Laurence Figgis, 2005.

Artists’ catalogue, with an essay by Ross Birrell. German and English.

  1. at the edge of the night a fairytale ties roses

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