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The Politics of Painting: Selected works from 1999-2013

Rafal Buj­now­ski
22.5 × 30 cm
232 pages

Album of works by Rafal Buj­now­ski – one of the most impor­tant and recognizable contemporary Polish pain­ters. More than 130 pain­tings and other works selec­ted from 15 years of artistic prac­tice, reproduced carefully and accom­panied by short, per­sonal com­ments made by art critics, curators, col­lec­tors and artists. Bujnowski’s works are com­men­ted by Christian Boros, Adam Budak, Marek Krajew­ski, Marcin Maciejowski, Lynda Morris, Joanna Myt­kow­ska, Maria Anna Potocka, Monika Szew­czyk and many more.

The title of the present book – The Politics of Pain­tings – per­tains to the mul­tiple and mul­tidimen­sional painterly strategies the artist uses, and above all, to a dilemma with which Buj­now­ski con­tinually grap­ples: To what extent can a painter’s work be verified by criteria beyond those of art?

  1. The Politics of Painting

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