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I'm Thinking of a Number: Selected invitations, books, catalogues, packaged prints, objects in multiple, t-shirts, projects in and for publications, coins, and ot

Micah Lexier
18.3 × 24.8 cm

Canadian artist Micah Lexier has built an international reputation working in a variety of media including sculpture, photography, drawing, printmaking, and installation work. Particularly interested in expressions of time passing and age, Lexier makes work that is often numerical in its themes.

Over the past three decades, Lexier has produced a significant body of ephemeral material including, for instance, unique invitations that have taken the form of prize ribbons, printed balloons, custom-minted coins and individually numbered cards.

“Micah Lexier: I’m Thinking of a Number” is a survey of the artist’s invitations, posters, bookworks, multiples, t-shirts, coin, catalogues, prints, boxed sets, magazine projects, and other works in multiple format produced between 1980 and 2010. The publication includes an introduction by Peacock and essays by AA Bronson (General Idea, Printed Matter) and Christina Ritchie (Director, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver).


  1. I’m Thinking of a Number: Selected invitations, books, catalogue

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