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Not a new world, just an old trick

Samuel Roy-Bois
SFU Galleries, Carleton University Art Gallery and Oakville Galleries
9 × 10.5 inches

Concerned with the conceptual and physical definitions of space, Samuel Roy-Bois questions the boundaries between art and exhibition spaces, critique and seduction, and private and public realms. Roy-Bois’ Not a new world, just an old trick is a large-scale model for an imaginary building that proposes its existence as both an edifice and sculpture, and connotes the idea of the art gallery or museum. Visitors are invited to climb the structure’s various levels and enter its interior. The unfinished interior, resembling a cabin or basement, contains art objects from the exhibiting institution’s collection as selected by Roy-Bois. Texts by Adrian Blackwell and Kathleen Ritter.

  1. Not a new world, just an old trick

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