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Transition Editions
23.2 × 5.5 cm
172 pp

(detail) was published on the occasion of an innovative new exhibition that features the work of 118 international artists, who each selected a close-up from one of their paintings. These details are printed and displayed together to give both a tantalising glimpse into the artworks, and creates a huge collage of images. The exhibition was first presented at H-Project Space in Bangkok, before being reconfigured at Transition Gallery in London and The Usher Gallery in Lincoln.

(detail) features a wide range of painters, from the well-established to recently graduated; their work encompasses abstraction, landscape, figurative, expanded field and conceptually driven practices; and features a full variety of paint mediums, including oil, gouache, watercolour, acrylic, ink and pigmented silicone.

The book features essays by the curator, Andrew Bracey.

Softcover, perfect-bound, colour.

  1. (detail)

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