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Irwin, Retroprincip

24 × 30.5 cm

The Irwin group has been producing highly politicised contemporary work from Ljubljana since 1983. The artists emerged from the punk and graffiti scene, producing paintings, actions, publications and installations in relation to their Retroprincip or “retro principle”. Beginning with this paradoxical working method the group looks forward into the future with a constant reference to the past. Their works often employ the strategy of copying and re-presenting existing exhibitions and works. Parodox abounds within the groups’ history of quoting from Western and European modernist and post-modern art, combined with equal emphasis on the influence of Eastern European Modernism, Russian Suprematism, and Nazi art. This monograph produced to complement a major exhibition in Berlin marks the 20th anniversary of the group. Includes texts by Slavoj Zizek, Boris Groys, the artists and more, with historical essays, interviews, and an appendix. Many colour photographs of individual works, installations, and performances.

  1. Irwin, Retroprincip

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