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Public Access: 1999 & Beyond (VHS edition)

Unit Pitt Society For Art And Critical Awareness
12 × 20.5 × 4 cm

Public Access: 1999 & Beyond documents an artists’ television project, curated by Weekend Leisure. Employing an overarching theme of “science fiction”, the five participants (Angus Ferguson, Kaitlin Fontana & Nicole Passmore, Emmet Hall, Nicolas Sassoon and Hank Bull & Patrick Ready) were asked to produce works that considered the do-it-yourself aesthetic and lack of resources of public access television, responding to its limitations as a medium of democratic creative expression. The resulting video pieces – whose concepts arise from interests in found footage, community theatre, fan fiction, local news broadcasting, primitive computer animation and space travel – bring together individuals from backgrounds both in and out of the contemporary art world, extending their creative potential beyond their respective fields. Contains scripts, animation frames, interviews and colour photographs. For more information about the project, please see

The VHS edition provides collectors with an attractively packaged media artifact, containing all of the video from the original project (which can be viewed online at, bonus trailers and extras.

  1. Public Access: 1999 & Beyond (VHS edition)

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