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Gordon Monahan: Seeing Sound, Sound Art, Performance and Music, 1978-2011

Gordon Monahan
20.3 × 25.4 × 2 cm

For over thirty years Gordon Monahan has created music, sound sculpture, sound installation, and computer-controlled sound environments that range from avant garde concert music to multi-media installation and sound art. As a pianist he has premiered and performed work by John Cage, Uko Kasemets and James Tenney. As a composer he has created a substantial body of work exploring, among much else, the acoustical quantities and qualities of the pianoforte. As a sound artist he has invented sound installations combining natural forces with manmade objects in environments ranging from museums to the outdoors. Critics have described Monahan’s music as frightening, sensational, visually stunning and groundbreaking.

This publication is the first comprehensive monograph on the work of Gordon Monahan. Among the subjects explored are Monahan’s Berlin years (1992-2006), the influence of Fluxus and Pop, and the art and music scenes of his Toronto beginnings. His virtuostic work is decrypted through an analysis of the recurrence of natural and cultural artefacts, the convergence of hi-tech electronics with low-tech materials, and the unique compositional links between nature and technology. Published to accompany a nationally and internationally touring exhibition. In English, French and German. Accompanied by a DVD.

Edited by Linda Jansma & Carsten Seiffarth

Contributors: Gabriele Knapstein, Earl Miller, Matthias Osterwold & Claudia Knapstein

  1. Gordon Monahan: Seeing Sound, Sound Art, Performance and Music,

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