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Artist Books 1983

Gallery Lunami
21 × 30.3 cm

All text in English and Japanese and printed on rag paper. Artists’ Books 1983 is a unique book in that it shows the breathe of artists working in book format such as John Bladessari, Marcel Broodthaers, Uliese Carrion, Francesco Clemente, Hamish Fulton, Bruce Nauman, Dieter Rot and Michael Snow, to name only a few of the 36 discussed artists. Several Japanese artists are also included such as Sakumi Hagiwara, Nagako Kishida, Yukiyoshi Moriya and Naohide Yamazaki, again to only name a few. With essay’s by Tim Guest, Emiko Namikawa and Yusuke Nakahara.

  1. Artist Books 1983

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