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Edita: Self-publishing Practices in Contemporary Mexico

Salon für Kunstbuch
Books on Books

Catalogue produced to accompany an exhibition of zines and self-published books from Mexico held in 2013 at the Salon für Kunstbuch, Vienna.

Featuring a text by Gabrielle Cram and works by Antonio Álvarez Morán, Helena Fernández-Cavada, Amira Aranda, Joc Doc Kollektiv, Santiago Grijalva, Ediciones La Cartonera, Mou, Monocromo, Inés Estrada, Hugo Crostwaite, El Espectro Rojo, Citámbulos, Taller de Ediciones Económicas, Ediciones Hungría, Jacobo and El Fanzine.

Softcover, saddle-stitched, b&w with colour cover

  1. Edita: Self-publishing Practices in Contemporary Mexico

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