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Dan Graham: Beyound

Dan Graham
23.5 × 31.8 cm

This volume, which accompanies a major retrospective organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, offers the first comprehensive survey of Graham’s work. The book’s design evokes magazine format and style, after Graham’s important conceptual work from the 1960s in that medium. Generously illustrated in color and black and white, Dan Graham: Beyond features eight new essays, two new interviews with the artist, a section of reprints of Graham’s own writing, and an animated manga-style “life of Dan Graham” narrative. It examines Graham’s entire body of work, which includes designs for magazine pages, drawing, photographs, film and video, and architectural models and pavilions.

With essays: Chrissie Iles on Graham’s performance work • Bennett Simpson on Graham’s interest and works in rock music • Beatriz Colomina on Graham’s architectural pavilions • Rhea Anastas on Graham’s early formation and short-lived operation of the John Daniels Gallery • Mark von Schlegell on Graham’s interest in science fiction • Mark Francis on Graham’s Public Space/Two Audiences (1976) • Alexandra Midal on Graham’s conceptual works for magazine pages and magazine design • Philippe Vergne on Graham’s puppet opera Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty (2004) • Kim Gordon interview with Graham on their collaborations and music • Rodney Graham interview with Graham on jokes and humor in art.

  1. Dan Graham: Beyound

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