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13 Ways to Summon Ghosts

Gordon Smith Gallery
Contemporary Art, Canadian

Catalogue for 13 Ways to Summon Ghosts , an exhibition at the Gordon Smith Gallery in North Vancouver. The exhibition curated by Kimberly Phillips features the work of Abbas Akhavan, Brady Cranfield, Brenda Draney, Betty Goodwin, Vanessa Kwan, Lyse Lemieux, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn, Ryan Peter, Kathleen Ritter, Carol Sawyer, and Jin-me Yoon.

“This exhibition considers the work of 13 Canadian artists of diverse origins and experience for whom haunting, it might be argued, is an artistic strategy. Through works of sound, sculpture, installation, painting, garments, print and video, these artists alter our experience of being in time and challenge the ways we separate the past, present and future. The work of each of these artists is remarkable because like haunting, it produces ‘a something to be done.’ It demands our rapt attention, begs a reconsideration of presumed positions, calls up histories with which we are complicit, and makes matter of that which is otherwise invisible.” – Kimberly Phillips

  1. 13 Ways to Summon Ghosts

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