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Espace 115: Faire Statue / Statue Play

21.7 × 27.7 × 1 cm
116 pp
Contemporary Art

Hiver / Winter 2017

The theme Faire Statue (Statue Play) is the special topic for this collection of essays that inaugurates the 30th anniversary of ESPACE art actuel magazine. Co-directed by Mélanie Boucher, a member of the editorial committee, this issue is concerned mainly with performance acts in which artists identify body and soul with certain aspects of statuary. This artistic position is present certainly in the performance works of numerous contemporary artists, but our essays also recall that this kind of work was often staged during the 1960s. On these occasions and depending on the poses taken, performers would appropriate the formal language of sculpture and its exhibition setting. Holding a position over a period of time, the artist’s body inevitably experiences the pull between immobility and mobility. But what is the point of these motionless bodies in a world where “global mobilisation” is rife?

Softcover, perfect-bound, colour.

  1. Espace 115

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