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Fillip Issue No. 20

17 × 24.5 cm
164 pgs
Contemporary Art

A Long Road Turns: On the Release of Fillip 20
Ken Becker: Not Just Some Canadian Hippie Bullshit: The Western Front as Artists’ Practice
Nathan Crompton: Elegy of the Non-event
Zanna Gilbert: The Human Letter: Mail Art Exchanges between East Berlin and Northeast Brazil in the 1970s
Paul Branca and Jesi Khadivi: Social Networks and Soft Crimes
Lois Klassen: Arriving at Nowhere: Reflecting on Chris Kraus’s Radical Localism
Philip Monk: Battle Stances: General Idea, CEAC, and the Struggle for Ideological Dominance in Toronto, 1976–78
Melanie O’Brian: A Wicked Problem: Fogo Island Dialogues
Chantal Pontbriand and Amy Zion: Parachute: 1975–2007 and Its Afterlife
Nina Power: Decapitalism, Left Scarcity, and the State
Mohammad Salemy, Nick Srnicek, and Alex Williams: Speed Trials: A Conversation about Accelerationist Politics

Softcover, perfect-bound, b&w.

  1. Fillip Issue No. 20

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