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Richter: Beirut

Gerhard Richter
Walther Konig
18 × 24 × 2 cm

Gerhard Richter – Beirut presents a significant number of overpainted photographs produced by Richter since the mid-1980s. Rarely seen in print, the overpainted photographs bring together the artist’s long-standing fascination with the nature of photography and the language of abstract painting. Based on Richter’s own photographic archives, the imagery ranges from domestic and family photos to holiday snaps, landscapes, mountain ranges and studio shots. Also featured is Museum Visit, a series of 234 overpainted photographs, each photograph having been taken during a typical busy day at Tate Modern. Published on the occasion of Richter’s first exhibition in Lebanon (developed by Beirut Art Center (BAC))

  1. Richter: Beirut

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