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272 Pages

Hans-Peter Feldmann
Walther Konig
20 × 28.5 × 2.5 cm

“Catalogues try to reflect the vision of the artist in question, they are maps of the artistic territory in which the artist moves. What Feldmann wanted was to change the data of the map so as to make other readings possible.” This book includes over 1200 photographs, and speaks to Feldmann’s intense relationship with imagery. The text by Helena Tatay tells the story of Feldmann from a young age, and what inspired and formed his modes of thinking. Tatay gives readers an excellent historical backdrop to this innovative artist. Included in this dense volume is an interview with Brigitte Bardot that is shockingly revolutionary, images of tin toys Feldmann and his brother-in-law have been creating since 1990, pictures of work from other Feldmann books, and personal archived images. Text is in both German and English with images in both black and white and colour.

  1. 272 Pages

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