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Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller: Works from the Goetz Collection

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller
Hatje Cantz
20.3 × 27 × 1 cm

Text by Okwui Enwezor, Ingvild Goetz, León Krempel, Rainald Schumacher.

The immersive soundscape installations and intimate environments of the Canadian artist duo Janet Cardiff (born 1957) and Georges Bures Miller (born 1960) present an ongoing series of chapters in the life of the ghost in the machine. Their works describe tales of tag-sale menace and shared loneliness through aural means, wholly reconceiving the gallery experience. A pioneering collector of new media art, Ingvild Goetz has assembled a significant series of works by Cardiff and Miller over the years, and this publication presents this important collection for the first time. Texts by Goetz, Okwui Enwezor, León Krempel and Rainald Schumacher provide background details and references to each work that shed light on its place in the artists’ oeuvre, with a particular focus on the couple’s very personal and theatrical use of sound.

  1. Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller: Works from the Goetz Collec

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