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Martha Wilson Sourcebook: 40 years of Reconsidering Performance, Feminism, Alternative Spaces

Martha Wilson
Independant Curators Inc
21.5 × 28 × 1 cm

Martha Wilson Sourcebook: 40 Years of Reconsidering Performance, Feminism, Alternative Spaces is a collection of primary research materials consisting of rare archival documents and excerpts of landmark publications that influenced Wilson and her approach to activism and art.

Martha Wilson Sourcebook is the first in a new ICI publication series that offers a fresh perspective on social, political, and cultural issues impacting and inspiring artists’ practices, comprised of materials that the artist selects from their own archive and annotates with personal commentaries. Wilson’s selection encapsulates the contestations around feminism, performance art and alternative spaces, accentuating the ways that identity and positioning are not just self-defined or projected, but also negotiated within one’s environment and through one’s critical reception. This unique selection of materials documents Wilson’s actions and work and reveals her interest in fellow artists such as Vito Acconci, Carolee Schneemann, Nancy Spero and Lynda Benglis and includes in its entirety Lucy Lippard’s exhibition catalogue for c. 7,500, the groundbreaking 1973 exhibition of women Conceptual artists, which first declared the significance of Wilson’s work.

Foreword by Kate Fowle. Introduction by Moira Roth. Text by Martha Wilson.


  1. Martha Wilson Sourcebook: 40 years of Reconsidering Performance,

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