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Condé and Beveridge: Class Works

Karl Beveridge and Carole Condé
25.4 × 23 cm

Over the past 30 years, artists Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge have developed a collaborative practice of working with organized labor to reveal the increasingly complex relationships between paid work and global, ethical and environmental concerns. This volume is the first comprehensive examination of the pair’s influential work. Their collaboration began in 1976 when—through their involvement with the New York collaborative Art & Language and the nascent Conceptual art movement—they turned to social engagement, combining left-oriented discourses with the artists’ formal and technical innovations, presaging the current prevalent practice in which art-making is understood as an articulation of human conditions and a tool of community formation.

Includes a chronology of their practice and essays by Jan Allen, D’Arcy Martin, Declan McGonagle, Allan Sekula, Dot Tuer and Bruce Barber and an extensive interview by Clive Robertson.

  1. Condé and Beveridge: Class Works

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