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B.C. Almanac(h) C-B

Presentation House Gallery
26 × 21 cm
472 pages

Participants include multimedia artists Jack Dale, Michael de Courcy, Christos Dikeakos, Judith Eglington, Gerry Gilbert, Roy Kiyooka, Glenn Lewis, Taras Masciuch, NE Thing Co. Ltd., Michael Morris, Jone Pane, Timothy Porter, Peter Thomas, Vincent Trasov, and Robertson Wood.

B.C. Almanac(h) C-B, marks the long overdue re-issue of a rare, sought-after anthology of fifteen photographic bookworks, originally commissioned in 1970 by the National Film Board of Canada’s Still Photography Division. The 472-page book, designed as a type of exhibition, includes key figures in the vibrant multimedia art scene that was flourishing on Canada’s westcoast. The project highlights the experimental ethos of artist book production as alternatives to gallery exhibitions during that period, as well as radical new approaches to the circulation of print culture through mass media.

  1. BC almanac
  2. BC Almanach NFB Canada

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