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Insahyt Catalog 700-779 V.2

Sienna Sekand and Benjamin de Boer
Alexus Projects
18 × 24 × 1 cm

Insahyt Catalog 700-779 muses on why we may want print material in an era dominated by digital content, and explores moments which digital-only cannot yet offer. IC 700-779 aims to share work which is in process, experimental, breaks into new ideas of thought and is exciting to the creator.

IC 700-779: v.2: TRUTH: A magician moves one hand to distract from the other.

participating artists:

Matthias Osa-Noyoze, Iris Deng, Shannyn Warren, Courtney MacIsaac, Katie Butt, Raana Dehghan, Jym Davis, Sienna Sekand, Andrew Owen, Madeleine LeBlanc, Stephanie Venerus, Debi Babiak, Sofia Mesa, Darren Rigo, Floor Wyns, Simone Collins, Benjamin de Boer, Arshia Salesi, Paul Creus, Em Jiang, Ele Willoughby, Vuk Dragojevic, Drew Iriah.

  1. ic v2

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