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Joint Dialogue Book

Overduin and Kite gallery
16.5 × 21.7 × 0.7 cm

The Joint Dialogue book is a publication which accompanied the “Joint Dialogue” show at Overduin and Kite Gallery in early 2010. The book contains works by Lee Lozano, along with works and texts by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Dan Graham, and Stephen Kaltenbach. The show was curated by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer. From the press release:

“Joint Dialogue” investigates the intersecting material histories of Lozano, Graham and Kaltenbach at the end of the 1960s in New York. It’s about close personal relationships between artists and the way ideas are traded down forking paths of influence to become variously manifest, suppressed, and rerouted in art. It’s about three related but divergent models of how being an artist dictates an extreme experience of consciousness, one in which the self is constantly lost and refound, or, as Lozano put it, a total revolution simultaneously personal and public. It’s about a transformative time in these artists’ overlapping practices that is reflective of the explosive historical period of rapid experimentation in conceptual art. It’s about real stakes- and the profundity of humor. It’s about trying to process the still astounding after-effects of Lozano’s absent body through the presence of Graham’s and Kaltenbach’s.

Motivated by Lozano’s Dialogue Piece (1969), in which stoned socializing and conversations about ideas were prioritized over art making, the structure of “Joint Dialogue” is split into two dialogues linked by Lozano, the joint. In one room, the juxtaposition of eight related and contemporaneous works establishes a conversation about drugs, sex, and money between Graham and Lozano, who were intimate friends during the time these works were made. A dialogue between Lozano and Kaltenbach, another close friend, takes place in a second room where several related works from the late 60s are joined by two never before seen time capsules by Kaltenbach and two previously unknown pieces by Lozano, remembered here by Kaltenbach.

  1. Joint Dialogue Book

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