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The Cast

Ruth van Beek
New Documents
Artists' Books
22 × 30 × 0.5 cm
40 pp

The Cast draws from artist Ruth van Beek’s growing archive of found photographic source material taken from vintage books and magazines. Activated through contextual and physical refiguration, her work transforms these clippings from silent paper objects to vivid biomorphic actors.

Ruth van Beek is a Dutch artist and bookmaker based in Koog aan de Zaan. Her work has been presented in several solo and group exhibitions in Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, and San Francisco, and published online and in print in Time, Capricious, Foam Magazine, Vanity Fair, Rodeo, It’s Nice That, and the British Journal of Photography. She recently completed a collaboration with the Italian fashion label Marni.

Softcover, staple-bound with card dustjacket, colour
Edition of 1000

  1. ruth van beek the cast

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